Graduates of Economics are one of the highest payed employees in the world, most can be found in blue chip companies, wall street, banks, consulting companies and other top companies. The chances of been employed in variety of position is quite high.

Majoring in economics can be a very interesting choice as it opens up the door for various streams of work and areas of focus for graduate studies in the future. Even though it seems to be mostly about numbers, it is a social science and is highly related to people’s skills. You could get it in the form of a BA (Bachelor of Art) or as a BSc (Bachelor of Science), each of which will focus on different types of work and related fields. Hence why it appeals to both that are social science oriented and others who prefer looking numbers, statistics and mathematics.

If you are looking to study economics, you’d be pleased to know that all but two of the ten universities to study economics are in the United States. In addition to the London School of Economics and the University of Cambridge both of which are located in the United Kingdom and that rank third and tenth respectively, here is a list of the top US schools for economics.

Harvard University

It is one of the most world renowned schools and the best colleges in the United States. With tuition between $40,000 and $42,000 per year for its undergraduate program, Harvard University provides with a terrific environment for research and innovation.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

It ranks second with an average undergraduate tuition between $42,000 and $44,000.

Stanford University

Ranked as the fourth top university to study economics and has an average tuition between $40,000 and $42,000.

University of California Berkeley and University of Chicago

With a tie for the fifth spot, the average undergraduate tuition is between $10,000 and $12,000 for the former and $42,000 and $44,000 for the latter.

Princeton University

It is ranked as the seventh top school for economics with tuition between $36,000 and $38,000.

Yale University

The eighth top school to study economics has an average undergraduate tuition between $44,000 and $46,000.

University of Pennsylvania

It is the tenth top school to study economics with tuition ranging between $42,000 and $44,000.

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