Leaving home for study can make you home sick at some point, you have been used to your home, environment, school friends and family. Leaving all these behind can be heavy on the heart, especially when you remember or miss what you do not have now.

Freshman year can be a challenging experience for many students who will be experiencing a lot of changes with a different learning environment at college, moving out from home and relying more and more on themselves. Many freshman students experience homesickness which is normal but can also affect their overall performance and wellbeing. Here are four tips for dealing with homesickness.

Learn and get to know your surroundings

A large part of feeling homesick is due to the unfamiliarity of the surroundings. You do not know many of the places around, you are unfamiliar with the region which could cause you to feel lost and out of place. Try taking some time to walk around campus, identify cool hangout spaces, quite spaces and the cafes and restaurants where other students spend their time. This way you could use those spots when you need to and be surrounded by others who may be even going through the same process.

Find people from the same region

Sometimes, the feeling of homesickness comes from feeling unfamiliar with the way things are done in the new city of state that you moved to. Try connecting with other students from your region with whom you can practice certain habits or make the foods your city is most famous for.

Make your space

Find a spot on campus, in your residence or in a nearby coffee shop and make it your own. Use this space to think about your day, study or just read your favorite book. You will familiarize yourself with it and feel more at home.

Understand that this is okay

Homesickness is a common and normal feeling that many people go through at all ages and stages of life. It may be helpful to talk to your friend or roommate about it as they may be feeling the same thing and you can comfort each other. Do not hesitate to call home and talk to your parents, siblings or best friends who will understand what you are going through and help you with it.

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