Anesthesiologist Assistant Salary per annum is between $110,000 to $ 218,000 or up to $50 per hour, the salary depends on the years of experience, skills, years of training and employer pay scale. The Anesthesiologist Assistant Salary, Job Description and Training information is a complete detail for one of the highest paying jobs in the health care sector. The Anesthesiologist Assistant Salary is one of the best in the health sector, the job requires skills, years of training and time spent working at the hospital.

Who is an Anesthesiologist Assistant

An Anesthesiologist Assistant (AA) is a non-physician anesthesia provider who practices anesthesia under the medical direction of an anesthesiologist. The AA works as an integral member of the anesthesia care team (ACT)

The role of the Anesthesiologist Assistant is not to be confused with that of a Nurse Anesthesiologist, the latter can work independently where there is no Anesthesiologist

Job Description of an Anesthesiologist Assistant

Anesthesiologist Assistant are trained to obtain pre-anesthetic health history, perform preoperative physical exams, establish non-invasive and invasive monitors, administer medications, evaluate and treat life-threatening situations, and execute general and regional anesthetic techniques, as delegated by the anesthesiologist.

Other Job Function of the Anesthesiologist Assistant

  • Anesthesiologist assistants operate anesthesia equipment, monitor patients and provide quality anesthesia care.
  • They accompany the patient before, during and after anesthesia to ensure quality and continuity of care.
  • Assisting with life support where required, including airway management
  • Anesthesiologist assistants are trained to assist in life-saving measures, such as CPR, and life support.
  • Inducing, sustaining and adjusting anesthesia levels
  • Ensuring continuity of care through the postoperative recovery period
  • Anesthesiologist assistants are in high demand, because of the need for skilled personnel to deliver anesthesia.
  • Anesthesiologist assistants operate as physician extenders, performing critical tasks that ensure the safety of the patient and promote optimal health outcomes.
  • Assisting with preparatory procedures, such as pulmonary artery catheterization, electroencephalographic spectral analysis, echocardiography and evoked potentials
  • Administering necessary diagnostic and laboratory tests (such as taking blood)
  • Performing functions in the intensive care unit and pain clinic

Anesthesiologist Assistant Salary

The salary of the Anesthesiologist Assistant per annum is between $110,000 to $ 218,000 or up to $50 per hour, the salary depends on the years of experience, skills, years of training and employer pay scale.

Anesthesiologist Assistant Training & Education

Anesthesiologist Assistant must complete a 4 years degree program with pre-med courses taken, Anesthesiologist Assistant’s also must take the MCAT or GRE (depending on school) to be admitted into a 2yr masters program for Anesthesiologist Assistant training.

The two-year, master’s level anesthesiologist assistant training program focuses on course work that enhances basic science knowledge in physiology, pharmacology, anatomy and biochemistry with special emphasis on the cardiovascular, respiratory, renal, nervous and neuromuscular systems.

A good training will help increase the Anesthesiologist Assistant Salary considerably, the list of schools can be found by using the box by the side or below.

Limitations of the Anesthesiologist Assistant Training

There are currently only ten anesthesiologist assistant training programs in the United States, all of which offer degrees at the Master’s level. Approximately 97% of currently practicing anesthesiologist assistants hold a Master’s degree.  After graduation they can only work in a limited number of states also.
Anesthesiologist Assistant Salary, Job Description and Training

Continuous Education Program

Students must pass a six-hour certification exam administered by the National Commission for the Certification of Anesthesiologist Assistants (NCCAA). Anesthesiologist assistants are also required to complete 40 hours of continuing medical education (CME) every two years and pass a qualifying exam every six years.

Students complete 600 hours of coursework in the classroom and laboratory, a minimum of 63 didactic hours and 2,000 hours of clinical training. During the clinical portion, students will administer as many as 600 different anesthetics during a variety of surgeries. Clinical training also prepares students to monitor patients, operate anesthesia delivery systems and life support systems and accurately assess patients.

States Anesthesiologist Assistants can Practice

States where AAs practice through license and certification:

  • Alabama
  • Colorado
  • District of Columbia
  • Florida
  • Georgia
  • Indiana
  • Kentucky
  • Missouri
  • New Mexico
  • North Carolina
  • Ohio
  • Oklahoma
  • South Carolina
  • Vermont
  • Wisconsin

They practice in these two states through physician delegation: Texas and Michigan.

The Anesthesiologist Assistant training and jobs is getting more popular and accepted in many hospitals, the Anesthesiologist Assistant Salary is also very encouraging.

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