Updated salary data shows that the Dialysis Technician Salary is between $23,442 – $61,306, with the estimated Dialysis Technician Salary at $12/hr -$32/hr.  Read all about the dialysis technician salary, schools and job description! Becoming a Dialysis Technician Salary is not simple, but here you will find a complete guide.

Dialysis Technician works in the hospital, they can be found in most clinics and hospitals across the United States, their role is supportive, they assist patients in need of dialysis procedures; these patients often have failing kidneys and/or kidney diseases and need their blood cleaned because their body cannot do it for them.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics groups dialysis technicians into the larger category of medical and laboratory technicians. They are involved in monitoring and maintaining dialysis equipment to acting as primary care giver for patients who are undergoing dialysis treatment. The above role of the dialysis technician explains their role and who they are.

Dialysis Technician Salary

Dialysis Technician Salary

Dialysis Technician Salary

The Dialysis Technician Salary is often determined by their location, employer and years of experience. On record the Dialysis Technician Salary is between $23,442 – $61,306, with the estimated Dialysis Technician Salary at $12/hr -$32/hr. More experienced Dialysis Technician Salary earn above $53,000 per annum at about $25 – $32/hr while the less experienced dialysis technician salary fall on the lower range.

The usual hours for a dialysis tech is a 40-hour work week. Sometimes they work part-time hours, especially those who are trying to further their education and move into more specialized fields. One advantage of this career is the flexibility of hours.

The job also come with good employment benefits such as paid leave, retirement package, bonuses, and overtime allowances.

Dialysis Job Description

The dialysis technician job description is quite straight forward and has been highlighted earlier, as well as  operating the machines that filter the blood of patients suffering from kidney diseases or renal failure. They do the following function.

  • Patient Blood Sterilization
  • Taking blood pressure
  • Checking patient’s weight
  • Inspect and maintain hemodialysis machine before, during and after the procedures
  • Fluid removal rate calculations and adjustments
  • Create patient records before, during and after each procedure
  • Inform nurse or physician of changes in patient condition
  • Ready to perform certain medical emergency procedures instantaneously, such as CPR during an event, such as a patient going into cardiac arrest
  • Blood flow rate measurements and adjustments

Dialysis Technician Schools and Education Requirement

The educational requirement and dialysis technician schools requires careful look and assessment to ensure you have what it takes to became a dialysis technician.

Most dialysis technician are educated up to an associate degree level, this is mostly a two year community college degree which will be accompanied with hospital training with an experienced health professional.  To gain admission you need to have a GED or high school diploma, after you will have to obtain the necessary training in dialysis technician training and course.

You can get trained in vocational school, online schools and certification programs, you need to make sure the institution is properly accredited to teach and award certificates to graduates.  You must be conversant with the following subjects; chemistry of body fluids, renal anatomy, the pathology of renal failure, dialysis devices, patient assessment and treatment procedures, infection control, acute renal failure, chronic dialysis therapy and home dialysis. ,

The program usually takes 12-18 months to complete, or 24 months for an associate degree in Nephrology. Dialysis technicians can also earned a Certified Hemodialysis Technician (CHT) credential through the Board of Nephrology Examiners Nursing and Technology (BONENT)

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