ENT or Otolaryngologist Salary, Job Description and Training

By Patmos Zen •  Updated: 08/10/16 •  5 min read

The average annual ENT or Otolaryngologist Salary is in six figures, which is estimated to be around $268,813. Considering that a good proportion of hospital calls are for ENT, the number of hours worked, including overtime the salary of the ENT doctor is usually high. The annual salary range for this physician is between $189,665 – $450,761.

Within the past five years, the salary of an ENT doctor has increased over time; the job satisfaction level is also very high. The salary is most times influenced by some hours worked if they are consultants or salaried. They get benefits, bonuses, and perks also.

The Otolaryngologist salary varies from one state to another, likewise from one country to another. Most times geographical location, employer policy, reputation, educational qualifications and skills affect the pay. Perks and bonus include payment of license fees, subsidized meals, paid vacation, profit share bonus and more.

However, there are specialist otolaryngologist surgeons who perform surgery if need be on patients with issues with the ear, nose, and throat. The salary for this class of professional is usually higher than that of their counterparts.

Who is an ENT or Otolaryngologist Doctor?

They treat illnesses, injuries and defects of the ears, nose, and throat. Some of them perform surgeries if need be.

The Washington University in St. Louis, defines the ENT or otolaryngologist has a doctor who treats diseases and lesions above the shoulders except for visual and eye-related disorders and brain lesions. This includes the ears, respiratory and upper alimentary systems in the head and neck in general.

ENT or Otolaryngologist Salary

There is quite some research with data of the ENT or Otolaryngologist Salary, Indeed, Glassdoor, PayScale, US Bureau of Labor and Statistics, Medscape and more. In all some reports five figure others report a six-figure salary. It is important to know that the salary varies due to some factors the ENT or Otolaryngologist doctor pay.

This ENT or Otolaryngologist Salary is probably one of the best in the industry, with a good time on your hand, and a wonderful lifestyle. With an annual salary between $189,665 – $450,761, and a median of $268,813, you can even make more as a fellow or consultant.

ENT doctors enjoy bonuses, license fee payment, meal subsidies, medical and dental insurance, 401k, paid vacation and more. One thing also clear is that the earnings vary from state to state, the institution employing and your qualification can affect your pay. It is wise to compare the standard of living in the area or start before taking a salary.

ENT or Otolaryngologist Job Description

A lot may have been heard about the duty of an ent doctor, most especially the level of skill and ability on the job. The job requires precision and great skill; they work with patients of all ages. You can find them in an emergency room removing an object inside the nose or hospital environment.

An ENT doctor examines, diagnoses and treats disorders, diseases, and injuries of the ear, nose and throat. Consults with other physicians and patients to decide the course of treatment. Recommends and orders tests to determine the extent of disease or help diagnose the condition.

They perform surgeries if need be in the ear, nose, or throat area. This includes handling issues like adenoidectomies, tonsillectomies nosebleeds, ear-aches, hearing loss, dizziness, hoarseness, and sinus disease.

Others include:

ENT or Otolaryngologist Training and Education

If you desire to became an ENT doctor, you must be prepared for a lifelong education and training. After your undergraduate degree, you will need to sit and pass the MCAT exam. This is necessary to gain admission into the medical degree.

To become an ENT doctor, you need to complete five years of residency training after medical school.  The first year focuses on breaking you into the surgical residency experience and allows you to do rotations in various fields.  Afterward, you will have four years of specific training in otolaryngology.

It is a very competitive program, and a good number of people jostle for a residency spot. The post-residency training and licenses are also needed to become a specialist. The American Board of Otolaryngology exam must be passed to be certified,  a one or two-year fellowship in any of the seven subspecialty.

Currently, there are only 104 residency programs offering 280 spots for medical graduates.  This makes the competition pretty stiff.  Indeed, last year, 98.9% of spots filled before the scramble.  Most of which were American trained medical students.  Only two foreign medical graduates got an ENT residency last year

These include pediatric otolaryngology (children), otology/neurotology (ears and balance.), allergy, facial plastic and reconstructive surgery, head and neck surgery, laryngology.(throat) and rhinology (nose). Some ENT specialists limit their practices to one of these seven areas.