Ophthalmologist salary report is placed between $96,098-$367,653, latest US compensation report puts the average salary at $260,000 per annum. The salary of an Ophthalmologist is a generous salary, pushing the salary upwards is quite difficult. The Ophthalmologist is a specialist doctor that treats eye and vision related issues, this include the examination of the eye; make some diagnoses disorders, as well as diseases, will treat cataracts, as well as cornea plus the retina disease, the glaucoma and many more eye related problems.

Ophthalmologist Salary

Ophthalmologist are specially trained to treat the very delicate eye, and the training requires a lot of time and resources. An ophthalmologist salary is the compensation for services rendered with their skills, with a take home between $96,098-$367,653 which may be higher if you add a sub specialty.

Latest data shows that the average ophthalmologist salary is at $260,000, which may increase due to skills, experience, location, employer and other factors. In an unverified report the ophthalmologist salary may be as high as $800,000, this is likely the top-tier professionals in the field.

The focus should not be entirely on the huge salary, there are other costs that are associated with the high salary received. Though the package includes all the benefits and allowances. In the United States the Ophthalmologist salary vary per state, Ophthalmologist in location where there are less competition earn more than their counterparts in competitive locations.

ophthalmologist salary

The analysis to determine the ophthalmologist salary is based on the variables below:

  • Position
  • Hourly pay rate or salary
  • Number of hours worked per week
  • Number of years in current position
  • Health insurance
  • Other insurances offered
  • Paid time off.
  • Uniform allowance
  • Vision benefits
  • Whether a qualified retirement plan is offered
  • Continuing education benefits
  • Bonus plans for management and for rank and file employees

Ophthalmologist Job Description

The Ophthalmologist is a physician that treats problems related to the eye and vision, they perform delicate task that is crucial to vision. The ophthalmologist job description is quite extensive, you will find helpful one below.

  • Treatment of eye problems in children and the aged
  • Diagnosis of eye problem and trace it root cause, or effect on another organ.
  • Conducts research to find better ways of treatment and surgery
  • Uses therapeutic procedures like laser therapy to correct vision problems
  • Carrying out a surgical procedure to correct or treat eye problems
  • An ophthalmologist is a specialist in treating particular eye problems like cataracts, glaucoma, etc.
  • Work with other doctors on joint cases, where patient needs other specialists.
  • Detailing patient diagnosis and treatment records
  • They provide eye disease prevention advice and therapy
  • In some cases conduct eye test and prescribe appropriate solutions
  • The ophthalmologist help and prevent people from going blind; or do corneal transplants and help a blind man see.

Ophthalmologist Training and School

The ophthalmologist is trained like any other physician, though it is tailored to the treatment of illness, diseases and conditions that affect the eye.

You must complete a 4 years bachelors degree program in a science related field, or at least you must have done Physics, Chemistry and Biology has a course in your undergraduate studies.  Apply and sit for the MCAT exam for admission into the medical school of your choice. See school selector by the side or below.

Once you are admitted into a Medical school, you would spend 4 years before you finals. The first two years will be focused on general medicine, while the last two will be clinical and postings. After you would proceed to a 3-8 years of residency program where you skills will be honed and exams taken. The residency must be in an approved surgical residency program, followed with at least a one-year internship.

Education is lifelong in the health sector, you have to study and update yourself often. American Academy of Ophthalmology is a good place to learn more about ophthalmologist training. ophthalmologists also need to pass a licensing exam in order to practice. State licensing requirements vary.

Use the school search box to find accredited training schools.

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