The average Physician Pathologist salary is $233,285 annually at $65/hr, with a range between $102,494 – $305,899, and $9.07 – $151.41/hr.  They work for about 48 hours per week, most of them work in the private practice. The pathologist salary is  affected by a wide range of factors, which may influence the amount of salary earned by the pathologist.

The pathologist is among the 20 top healthcare salary earners, the profession is very lucrative and the earnings is quite high. The pathologist is the medical investigator who unravels the causes, effects and nature of a disease or condition. They are the laboratory CSI like agent who can be work in ten pathology sub-specialty.

Pathologist Salary

The Pathologist salary is very attractive and it is one of the 20 top-tier salary in the health care industry, with an average of $233,285 annually at $65/hr, and a work work of about 48 hours. The pathologist salary is a thing of envy, though data as shown that their is a slide of about 3% in the salary growth rate.

The industry average is still between $102,494 – $305,899, and $9.07 – $151.41/hr. This is influenced by a variety of factors which include, location, skills, experience, credentials and employer type. Those who work in labs, hospitals, private practice and academia all earn different salary within their industries bench mark.

Pathologist Job Description

The pathologist work mostly in the laboratory and they study disease by examining cells and tissue samples to see if disease is present. Like a detective they collaborate with other physicians to treat a patient, they also help to determine the various types of diseases, their origin, spread including the contagious factor.

They pathologist can also conduct an autopsy on the dead to determine what caused it, they are very observant and good communicators.

A pathologist can work in any of the fields below:

  • Anatomical Pathologist
  • Clinical Pathologist
  • Forensic Pathologist
  • Cytopathologist
  • Neuropathologist
  • Molecular Pathologist
  • Chemical Pathologist
  • Genetic Pathologist
  • Immunopathologist
Pathologist salary

Pathologist salary

The following task is common in the field of pathology:

  • They study the results of patient samples, such as blood tests, smear tests and tissue removal to see if disease is present
  • Often explain test results to other health professionals and give advice on further medical assessments
  • Help to treat diseases and make sure blood transfusions are safe
  • Develop vaccines against infectious diseases and inherited conditions
  • Research and develop new tests and treatments
  • Organise work in laboratories and supervise other laboratory staff
  • Perform an autopsy to decide if the person died of homicide or natural causes. This information could be used to help solve a crime.
  • Look over the blood test of a pregnant woman to determine if the child she is carrying will be born in good health
  • Attend meetings with other health professionals to discuss the treatment of individual patients.

Pathology Schools and Educational Requirements

The path to becoming a pathologist is quite a long one, the journey starts with a 4 years undergraduate degree with focus on science subjects. With another 4 years in the medical school, this is after you must have passed the MCAT and admitted into the medical college.

The proceed for a 3 – 8 years residency in an approved hospital, followed by a year of internship. To get accredited and apply fellow, you will register with College of American Pathologists or The National Association of Medical Examiners (NAME).

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