Tips for foreigners applying to US colleges

By Patmos Zen •  Updated: 06/17/14 •  3 min read

Foreigners applying to colleges and universities in the US find getting admission very tricky, Knowing the rules and understanding of the application and admission process is usually cumbersome for parent and prospective students. Having the finance, score and will is not enough you need to understand this tips that make your effort efficient and effective.

Get a High TOEFL score:

Non English speaking applicants, especially if English is not your mother tongue or first language need to register and seat for TOEFL, are good score is required for students to get admission. TOEFL tests are the international standards to determine how well you can communicate in the English language. It is required to prove that you are a proficient English writer, you can speak and read.

IVY league and other schools:

The temptation to apply to ivy leagues can be very tempting, if you must; please be prepared to face stiff competition. To have a high chance of been accepted you can apply to colleges and universities within regions and cities that seek more students. You may also seek for colleges with slots for foreign students.

Pass and get a good SAT score:

SAT if a testing method used in the US, it gives the college or university the level of your ability and academic performance. The SAT can be done in most countries through a prometric testing center. Acing your SAT score is important and a high score is necessary for you to get into a good college or university.

Dig deep into the college or university:

Learn more about the culture and traditions of the college or university, what is their alumni profile like. Quality of education, learning environment and courses offered. Do they have exchange programs, postgraduate programs amongst other things. So what do you need to do, ask for brochures, visit the school virtually, navigate through the schools website and portal. Browse the internet to dig more about the school.

Writing to be accepted:

Most schools will demand you write why you should be admitted or why you want to study at the college or university. You need to highlight your best qualities, and why and how you intent to make the course beneficial to you now and in the future. The college or university admission board needs to be convinced that you are truly the ideal candidate for them.

For all foreigners apply for admission into college in the US the options are large, but you must be focused and know what you really want. write down what you desire and work towards it. Best of Luck with admission, hope you find the tips for foreigners apply to US colleges useful.