Month: June 2014

scholarships application

Tips for applying to a scholarship

Want a scholarship here are useful tips for applying for a college or university scholarship With tuition becoming increasingly more expensive and college education less affordable, there is increased demand for scholarships that are now tightening the rules for who...

/ June 17, 2014
home sick

Tips for dealing with homesickness in freshman year

Leaving home for study can make you home sick at some point, you have been used to your home, environment, school friends and family. Leaving all these behind can be heavy on the heart, especially when you remember or miss...

/ June 17, 2014
study economics

Where to go if you want to study economics

Graduates of Economics are one of the highest payed employees in the world, most can be found in blue chip companies, wall street, banks, consulting companies and other top companies. The chances of been employed in variety of position is...

/ June 17, 2014

Tips for foreigners applying to US colleges

Foreigners applying to colleges and universities in the US find getting admission very tricky, Knowing the rules and understanding of the application and admission process is usually cumbersome for parent and prospective students. Having the finance, score and will is...

/ June 17, 2014