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Otolaryngologist Salary

ENT or Otolaryngologist Salary, Job Description and Training

The average annual ENT or Otolaryngologist Salary is in six figures, which is estimated to be around $268,813. Considering that a good proportion of hospital calls are for ENT, the number of hours worked, including overtime the salary of the ENT...

/ August 10, 2016
scholarship for women

25 Scholarships & Grants for Women Older than 50 Years

There are quite a number of scholarships and grants for women who seek higher education, however qualifying for them when you are over 50 years is another challenge. Women over 50 years have often paid a lot of sacrifice, some...

/ June 2, 2015
student loan consolidation scam image

Exposed! The student loan consolidation companies scam

Out of every 10 graduates 7 are worried about their student loan, and having all the loans consolidated to one is often another challenge. You will agree with me that missing a loan repayment has an impact on credit score,...

/ May 25, 2015
study economics

Where to go if you want to study economics

Graduates of Economics are one of the highest payed employees in the world, most can be found in blue chip companies, wall street, banks, consulting companies and other top companies. The chances of been employed in variety of position is...

/ June 17, 2014

Tips for foreigners applying to US colleges

Foreigners applying to colleges and universities in the US find getting admission very tricky, Knowing the rules and understanding of the application and admission process is usually cumbersome for parent and prospective students. Having the finance, score and will is...

/ June 17, 2014
best educational consultant in nigeria.fw

Journey to success

Every step to success begins with the very first move, at PEK we help you to achieve this by providing you with all the information and materials necessary for you. We are committed to excellence and swift service delivery.  

/ April 20, 2013

Edu News

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/ April 18, 2013