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Cardiac surgeon salary

Cardiac Surgeon Salary, Job Description and Training

Cardiac surgeon salary in the US is around $100,143 – $609,837 per annum and $23.84 – $347.31 per hour. Cardiac Surgeon Salary is one the highest in the cardiology field and medicine as a whole, Based on the AMGA survey, cardiac surgeons earned roughly...

/ July 16, 2016
Urologist Salary

Urologist Salary, Job Description, Schools and Training

Urologist salary on average is between $144,710 – $489,992 according to Payscale, Medscape put it at an average of $348,000, this represent the third highest salary according to their chart. Urologists are doctors who specialize in the treatment of diseases and conditions...

/ July 16, 2016
Cardiac Sonographer Salary

Cardiac Sonographer Salary, Job Description and Schools

Cardiac Sonographer Salary average salary according to Indeed is $82,000 per annum, while starting earnings in New York area is $80,670 – $121,005 and top professionals earn $115,243 – $172,865 in the area. The figure is close to the National range in the United...

/ July 16, 2016
Physicist Salary

Physicist Salary, Job Description, Schools and Training

Physicist salary for 2016 according to Payscale is between $50,199 – $142,208, and an hourly range of $19.49 – $76.03. Most physicist are passionate about their work and end up working overtime, which may increase their earnings. Physicist are scientist who study how the...

/ July 16, 2016
Sports Psychologist Salary

Sports Psychologist Salary, Job Description and Training

Sports Psychologist Salary is has high as $153,000 in 2016. US Department of Labor states that the median salary for sports psychologists ranges between $41,850 and $71,880

/ July 15, 2016
Educational Psychologist Salary

Educational Psychologist Salary, Job Descriptions and Training

Educational Psychologist Salary is between $45,000 – $75,000 according to data collated by Payscale, this tallies with that of the  U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.  The average earning is around $58,000, a master degree holder makes less than the doctorate...

/ July 15, 2016
Forensic Psychologist Salary

Forensic Psychologist Salary, Schools and Job Description

Forensic Psychologist salary also known has Criminal Psychologist in the US is between $38,772 – $122,849. The median pay for forensic psychologist or criminal psychologist salary is about $61,489, the hourly The forensic psychologist profession is part of the larger psychologist profession, and the...

/ July 15, 2016
Counseling Psychologist Salary

Counseling Psychologist Salary, Schools and Job Description

A Counseling Psychologist salary in a year is between $36,231 – $111,077, with skills, experience and a PhD the counseling psychologist will peak $90,000 per annum. The national hourly rate of a counseling psychologist salary is put a t $15.03...

/ May 24, 2016
Pulmonologist salary

Pulmonologist Salary, Job Description and Schools

The Pulmonologist salary is among the top 15 best paid health workers, with salary between $145,521 – $368,993 per annum. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor and Statistic, the pulmonologists salary starts at $41 – $61 per hour while the top-tier...

/ May 21, 2016
Spine Surgeon Salary

Spine Surgeon Salary, Job Description and Schools

The spine surgeon salary starting salary is about $303,560 while the middle percentile earn about $383,078 to $595,244, while top earners earn up to $700,000. Usually they are entitled to allowances, paid vacation, insurance, relocation allowance, sign-on bonus at $35,000,...

/ May 18, 2016
Pathologist salary

Pathologist Salary, Schools and Job Description

The average Physician Pathologist salary is $233,285 annually at $65/hr, with a range between $102,494 – $305,899, and $9.07 – $151.41/hr.  They work for about 48 hours per week, most of them work in the private practice. The pathologist salary is  affected...

/ May 17, 2016
gynecologist salary

Gynecologist Salary, Schools and Job Description

Gynecologist salary ranges between $87,875 – $290,580, Health workers compensation report puts the average annual salary at $201,000, this includes bonuses, allowances, paid vacation and Insurance. Though the earnings vary from one region to another. In the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics reported...

/ May 17, 2016
embalmer salary

Embalmer Salary, Schools and Job Description

Learn more about the embalmer salary, education requirements, job duties, licensing requirements, bonuses and benefits. The recent National salary average of an embalmer is between $22,531 – $56,700, this figure varies per state and location. An Embalmer is an expert who prepares bodies for...

/ May 17, 2016
neonatologist salary

Neonatologist Salary, Job Description and Training

Pediatric Neonatologist salary average yearly pay is between $126,203 – $284,405, this include bonuses and benefits packages. Neonatology is a sub-specialty in pediatrics, which specifically deals with new born, with more new births rising daily; this profession is one of the...

/ May 17, 2016
endocrinologist salary

Endocrinologist Salary, Schools and Job Description

An endocrinologist salary in United States is between $121,701 – $250,031, at an average of $195,000 per annum. According to Medscape Compensation report, the median national salary for an endocrinologist is about $196,000 per year. The endocrinologist is one of the 25 top...

/ May 17, 2016
Dialysis Technician Salary

Dialysis Technician Salary

Updated salary data shows that the Dialysis Technician Salary is between $23,442 – $61,306, with the estimated Dialysis Technician Salary at $12/hr -$32/hr.  Read all about the dialysis technician salary, schools and job description! Becoming a Dialysis Technician Salary is not...

/ May 16, 2016
Neurologist salary

Neurologist Salary, Job Description and Schools

Neurologist salary in the United States is between $107,659 – $283,962, latest compensation report put the average at $230,000. This is attributed to the increased competition in the Neurology field, however several factors may affect the earnings of a Neurologist. Neurologist...

/ May 15, 2016
ophthalmologist salary

Ophthalmologist Salary, Schools and Job Description

Ophthalmologist salary report is placed between $96,098-$367,653, latest US compensation report puts the average salary at $260,000 per annum. The salary of an Ophthalmologist is a generous salary, pushing the salary upwards is quite difficult. The Ophthalmologist is a specialist doctor...

/ May 15, 2016