An Orthodontist specializes in performing dental procedures which affect teeth’s functionality. Orthodontist Salary on the average is between $50,684 – $279,588 annually, current data shows a growth in the salary of orthodontist.

The orthodontist annual mean salary by state shows that Georgia and Tennessee had two of the highest at $227,490 and $226,590 while Colorado and Washington had the lowest at $139,100 and $169,650.

Orthodontist Salary

The orthodontist salary depends on a number of factors thought the average income an orthodontist earn is between  $50,684 – $279,588  this figure varies by state and location. The location, skills experience, number of patients cared for, employer and nature of contract signed may affect the Orthodontist Salary.

Orthodontists work flexible hours and set their own prices for many services and in some areas of work, especially where special skills is required. After analyzing a number of salaries in the US the mean salary is $131,631 considering that an orthodontist salary starter will be lower while the professionals and fellows will earn more.

orthodontist salary

Orthodontist Schools and Education

To became an orthodontist you will have to undergo a full training spanning about 13 years of study and clinical practice.

To become an orthodontist, one must receive a bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university. Students must have studied a course in sciences especially in physics, biology or chemistry.

To enter the dental school you must sit for and pass the DAT (Dental Acceptance Test). With high  Scores you will be admitted into the program. See Dental school selector by the side or below.

After four years of undergraduate school, prospective orthodontists must study for four more years at an accredited dental school. Students spend the first two years taking courses in anatomy, periodontology, radiology and local anesthesia.


The final two years is usually focused on clinical and placements where students gain real life practice in clinical settings under the careful supervision of licensed dentists. Upon graduation, future orthodontists are awarded the Doctor of Dental Medicine degree, or DMD. However, graduates are still required to pass the National Board Dental Examinations administered by the Joint Commission on Dental Examinations to receive a state license to practice dentistry.

Orthodontists are required to pass written and clinical examinations administered by the American Board of Orthodontics. To qualify for the exam, students must present proof of graduating from a CODA accredited orthodontic program.

Orthodontist Job Description

The job of the orthodontist is flexible, though the work long hours attending to patients.

They perform the following duties:

Prevents and corrects malformations of teeth and related oral structures.

  • They diagnose jaw and dental problems and devise appropriate treatment for them;
  • Orthodontists take a look at patients’ teeth both directly and via x-rays and molds to determine exactly how the teeth are misaligned, and then come up with the most effective treatment solution.
  • Prevents and corrects malformations of teeth and related oral structures.
  • Orthodontist fit dental appliances meant to realign patient’s teeth, correct teeth misplacement, alter the relationship between teeth and jaws;
  • Constantly monitor and adjust dental appliances regularly in order to obtain best results and
  • Beyond braces, orthodontists deal with other conditions such as jaw pain, speech impediments, sleep apnea, gum disease, and difficulty chewing.
  • Craft, design and make different specific appliances (labial and lingual arch wires, maintainers and retainers) to treat patient’s teeth and/or jaw problems

The average work hours of an orthodontist is between 30-40 hours per week this may also affect the orthodontist salary based on the work hours.

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