Neurologist salary in the United States is between $107,659 – $283,962, latest compensation report put the average at $230,000. This is attributed to the increased competition in the Neurology field, however several factors may affect the earnings of a Neurologist.

Neurologist salary is mostly affected by seniority in the field, skills, level of education, employers, state and location, and years of service. This factors are also present in other climes like Canada, Australia and UK. The average income per hour is $27 for freshers, while seniors in the field earn on average $58/hr.

Who is a Neurologist

Neuro relates to the body neurons, nervous and muscular system. A Neurologist is a doctor that treats diseases that affect the human nervous system. This includes the complicated spinal cord, muscles attached to the bone, the brains responsiveness to neurons and the entire nervous system. Neurological diseases are difficult to track normally or can be easily mis-diagnosed, this is where the expertise of a Neurologist comes in.

Neurologist Salary

The Neurologist salary per hour is between $27 – $58 at an average of between $107,659 – $283,962 per annum. The job of the neurologist is complex and it requires skills, which in reality is hard to come by. The Neurologist salary is affected by the employer, state or location, skills, training and certification, years of service, seniority and specialty.

It is not unusual to find the highest neurologist salary earners in these areas – Los AngelesCalifornia, HoustonTexas, ChicagoIllinois, BostonMassachusetts and New York – New York. With the high demand of Neurologist more employers are hoping to increase pay to lure neurology experts into their own establishments.

An exception to the salary scale is neurologist working in the private sector their salary per annum can peak

There are benefits that come with the neurologist salary which includes:

  • Health insurance
  • Other insurances offered
  • Paid time off.
  • Uniform allowance
  • Vision benefits
  • Qualified retirement plan
  • Continuing education benefits
  • Bonus plans for management and for rank and file employees

This and many more makes the entire neurologist salary package very attractive.

Neurologist salary

Neurologist Job Description

The job description of a neurologist relates to the care and treatment of patients with nervous disorders and diseases. Though not limited to that function alone, the Neurologist job description also includes:

They perform minimally invasive surgery of the spine, neck and brain. They also diagnose problems such as tumors, strokes, aneurysms, spinal disease and neck disorders.

They supervise nurses and medical technicians when treating the patients, and carry out further research on various neurological disorders.

Neurologist specializes in the nervous systems, impairment to the spinal cord, peripheral nerves muscles and blood vessels that may be associated with any of these body structures.

Interpret the results of neuroimaging studies such as Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), Single Photon Emission Computed Tomography (SPECT), and Positron Emission Tomography (PET) scans.

Counsel patients or others on the background of neurological disorders including risk factors, or genetic or environmental concerns.

Participate in continuing education activities to support and expand competence. And also involved in the training of students and staff members.

Neurologist Schools and Educational Requirements

To became a neurologist you must have completed all the required training to become a professional in this field. The requirements to study neurology is quite similar to other field and specialty within the medical field. To begin with you need to complete a 4 years bachelors degree program in sciences or related field where you would have completed a course or two in sciences.

Then sit and pass the MCAT for admission into the Medical School, the program runs for 4 years where the first 2 years will be focused on general medical courses and the final two on clinical and specialty courses. Upon completion you will enroll in a 3-8 years residency program.

The residency program is where you have a hands work experience and training. You will sit for exams and board certification during your program. And may have to complete a fellowship in the sub-specialty of interventional neurology.

After completing a residency in a specialty, the physician may seek board certification in neurology. Board certification must be renewed every ten years.

The Neurologist salary, job description, schools and educational requirement is all you need to practice or make a decision to practice this field. To find medical schools and other training related information use the school search box on the side or bottom.

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